​Program Schedule

13:00    Opening Remarks

Invited Speakers

13:10    Viktor Jirsa: "Invariance and symmetry in brain network dynamics"

13:40    Federico Giove: "Physiology of brain networks dynamics: pitfalls and quirks"

Contributed Talks

14:10    Vincent Bazinet: "Multiscale communication in cortico-cortical networks"

14:25    Adrian Onicas: "From time series to networks in event-related fMRI"

14:40 - 15:00 Coffee Break

Invited Speakers

15:00    Evelyn Tang: "A lens into cognition: Geometry and topology of neural systems"

15:30    Federico Battiston: "Multilayer brain networks"

Contributed Talks
16:00    Leonardo Novelli: "Inference of network properties using mutual information and transfer entropy: Validation of bivariate versus multivariate approaches"

16:15    Brieuc Lehmann: "Characterising group-level brain connectivity: A framework using Bayesian exponential random graph models"


16:30 - 16:50 Coffee Break

Invited Speakers

16:50    Sophie Achard: "Brain networks of rats under anesthesia using resting-state fMRI: Functional connectivity is preserved but reorganized across several anesthetic regimes"

17:20    Francesco de Pasquale: "A pulsatile regime of integration in the brain at rest"

Contributed Talks
17:50    Giulia Bassignana: "A step-wise criterion to determine target control centrality in the aging brain network"

18:05    Cameron Ferguson: "Examining the feasibility of using the Gaussian Graphical Model to model the relationships between neurocognitive variables in Alzheimer's disease"

18:20    Concluding Remarks

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